Moving Boxes & Moving Supplies

Specialty Boxes

  • Wardrobe Boxes (24x24x40) - Wardrobe boxes are a valuable time saver as they allow you to move your clothes directly from your closets right into the wardrobe box. These sturdy boxes can prevent your clothes from being wrinkled or damaged during the move. When you arrive at your new home, you can easily remove the clothes from the wardrobe boxes and place them in your new closet.
  • Kitchen Boxes (8x18x22) – Kitchen boxes are heavy duty 44 ECT boxes that are made to pack dishes, glasses, china and cookware.
  • Frame Boxes (41x6x26) - Frame boxes are made to store and ship large picture frames, mirrors and any large thin item. You should always wrap each corner of your item with Bubble Wrap. Depending on the value of each item, you may be able to place multiple items inside a single frame box.
  • File Boxes (16x12.5x10) – File boxes will hold legal and letter files and keep you organized. These boxes are ideal for all of your paperwork, important documents, manuals, receipts and even coin collections. These boxes have an attached lid and do not require tape.

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Other Important Moving and Packing Accessories

Other items that are important to have on hand, along with your quality moving boxes, include:

  • Labels
  • Box Markers
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Furniture Pads
  • Sofa Covers
  • Packing Tape

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Keeping Items Safe inside your Moving Boxes

The most common cause of damage during a move comes from the vibration of items inside your box during transport. As you know from driving our nation’s highways, it is highly likely that your driver will encounter a number of bumps along the road and will be forced to make some unexpected stops or turns along the way.

If you leave space within the box or you have not properly wrapped the items in padding and bubble wrap, you will leave open space that create movement of your items inside the box. If there is too much space, a sudden jolt could actually cause your items to penetrate the box and be left open or exposed in the truck for the remainder of the trip. We encourage you to use or insist that your movers use quality packing tape, packing paper and bubble wrap. Even if you fill up boxes with clothes, blankets or pillows, you are providing more protection against shifting of items inside the boxes.

This small extra investment upfront can pay big dividends. Just a few damaged dishes or other expensive items can create an expense far exceeding the cost of the extra packing materials.