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Mayflower Van Lines

Mayflower is a trusted, national moving company for over 90 years. As part of the nation’s largest organization, providing moving and storage...

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Premier Van Lines International Inc.

Sarasota Florida moving companies, Founded in 1992, Premier Van Lines International is one of Americas leading relocation companies which specialize in international moves. We are...

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Desert Moving Co. & Storage

From Door-To-Door or Country-To-Country, let us help you decide how much relocation help you need.

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Unlimited Moving LLC

As many moving companies in Tampa do, Unlimited Moving offers a wide variety of services, from commercial moves for small and large companies to...

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Agility Van Lines Inc.

Sarasota FL, We are one of the most reputable interstate moving companies around. We are trusted by countless families across the country. We make even the most...

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Sunshine Logistics Moving & Storage LLC

Sunshine Logistics Moving & Storage is an experienced service moving company in interstate moving. We are a one of the leading moving companies,...

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City Moving

GP Movers offer the best moving services around. You can have a team of professional and highly skilled movers backing your move when you choose GP...

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A1A Movers LLC

When it comes to residential moving, nobody does it faster and with more care than our dedicated residential teams. Our well trained, and well...

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East Coast Moving Inc.

Movers Sarasota FL, East Coast Moving Inc. is a well-established moving company based in Queens, New York. Our company is growing every year and providing excellent...

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Granero Moving LLC

Granero Moving was established with the goal of improving the customer experience for families and businesses in Miami and South Florida. As an...

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Hawaiian Shipping

Sarasota Florida moving quotes, Here at Hawaiian Shippers, we understand the sensitive and delicate nature of trusting someone to move your most valuable possessions. This is why we...

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AllTrust Moving & Storage Inc.

Moving doesn't have to be stressful. We're here to help! We are proud to be one of the most trusted and affordable moving companies in Miami,...

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Route 66 Moving and Storage LLC

Route 66 Moving and Storage was created with one goal in mind to offer you a great moving experience from beginning to end. Our professional staff...

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National Van Lines Inc.

Sarasota FL, For over 90 years, National Van Lines has helped over 1 million families pack, store and move their most precious household items. Whether you need...

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Direct Relocation Services

No matter how unique the situation might be, we will provide our professional support. We’re a moving company that understands. We’re experts in...

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Sarasota, Florida is the state's southwestern coastal retreat. As many as 141,000 people visit its sandy, white (and to mention gorgeous) beaches every year. It could be the many great opportunities to catch the sunset and sunrise that attracts people to the shoreline, or it may be the down-to-earth living style of the coastal state. With more than 35 miles of beachfront, Sarasota also offers features more than 60 golf courses, several county parks with boating ramps and a number of parts that have fitness rooms. Many people also retire to Sarasota every year. For many years, Sarasota held the title of "Best Place to Live and Work" by Employment Review/Best JobsUSA.com for the area's population, unemployment rates, costs of living and job opportunities. In Sarasota, there is a healthy and diverse market for professionals. In 2006, Sarasota maintained an unemployment rate of 2.6 percent, which has risen to about 8.2 percent in recent years due to the current economic conditions in the United States. However, housing market prices remain low; explaining why so many people are relocating to this area of the Floridian coast.

Ever since 2008, Southwest Florida has been seeing what people are calling a "bottoming out" of real estate prices in the area. There have been many foreclosures the past few years and experts at Zillow.com have predicted even more in the upcoming year, which will keep houses on the market and prices low. The Herald Tribune predicts that the market's that the historically low interest rates along with low housing prices will woo buyers to Southwest Florida.

In the city, there is a panel of people from the city's public and private sectors calling themselves the Economic Development Experts who are devoted in bringing up the city. They want to expand current business, solicit new business ventures, and create jobs. With over a population of 372,000 and counting, that is a big job. Currently, big industries and fields where all the jobs are present include real estate development, tourism, recreation, manufacturing, technology, financial service jobs and more. With all of these exciting opportunities, it's no wonder Sarasota moving companies are so busy bringing in new residents every day.

Sarasota, Florida is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Siesta Beach is known for its white sand, natural shallow waters and crystalline water. The sand is said to be mistaken for flour at times. Adjacent to Siesta Beach are the Lido Key beaches where a lot of boating and fishing occurs. Next to the South Lido Park is the Ritz-Carlton Beach club, the Helmsley and the Lido Beach Resort. Besides the tan and sand, there are fossilized shark teeth to be collected at the Venice Fishing Pier. Other summertime, year-round warm weather activities in the city of Sarasota include golfing, shopping, dining and "living it up" in Florida's very own coastal paradise.

Sarasota is also very well known for its art scene, which was developed with the help of well-known Ringing Brothers Circus founder John Ringling. He is one of seven brothers. Him and his wife Mable brought artists, sculptors, painters and performers to the area by developing it and building structures to support displays and performances. Many intrastate and interstate movers to Sarasota as well as tourists get to enjoy the diverse culture and activities provided in the city of Sarasota.

The coastal regions of Florida was once home to hunters and gathers of native people, Europeans soon arrived and fought over the land. A young adventurer named William Whittaker settled here in 1843 and began to build the city in the great state of Florida. Wealthy socialites settled in the area beginning in 1910, which is a trend that has continued into the modern day. Besides boat docks and ramps, arts and performance venues were the first things to be constructed and erected. During the 1920s, John Ringling and his wife Mable surely wanted construct a house and museum of their wide collection of art. To this day, Sarasota is the winter headquarters of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily circus, as well as an exciting cultural mecca.

  • Sarasota's primary employers are the School Board of Sarasota County, the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System and the county government.
  • Some corporate headquarters located in the city of Sarasota include: LexJet Corporation, A1 Imaging, Focus Enterprises, Nelson Publishing and Tervis Tumbler Company.
  • The Sarasota County public school system is one of the best-regarded in the Florida system.

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