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Maison Moving and Storage

California, At Maison Moving it’s not just your move that’s important – but how you move. We are trusted California movers who handle your belongings as...

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Desert Moving Co. & Storage

From Door-To-Door or Country-To-Country, let us help you decide how much relocation help you need.

US DOT: 70719

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Move Central Inc.

California, Move Central was founded on the belief that moving can be made simple when you have the help and support of an efficient and professional team of...

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HireAHelper has worked more than 10 years curating the best movers from around the country, which means we have the highest quality movers you can...

Redondo Van and Storage Inc.

Redondo Van & Storage are professional movers in Redondo Beach, CA. We provide quality relocation, moving, and storage services since 1919. With 100...

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Good Neighbors Moving Company

At Good Neighbors Moving Los Angeles - we value our client’s possessions, privacy and time. That is why we make sure to provide you with one of the...

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Moving to California

As one the largest states in the America, California is an excellent moving destination that encompasses a wide range of climates and lifestyles. It has four distinct regions: the temperate coast, the desert, the mountains, and the Central Valley - all of which were populated for thousands of years by Native Americans. Russia, Spain and Mexico have all laid claim to California, and for a few years it even declared itself an independent republic, but it joined the United States in 1850 as the 31st state.

Origin of state's name: California was named by Spanish conquistadores. Its name refers to a fictional earthly paradise described in the romantic novel "Las Serges de Esplandian."

Capital city: The capital of California is Sacramento. The city grew up around Sutter's Fort, which was established by a Swiss immigrant named John Sutter and his friend James Marshall. The fort was an important distribution point during the California Gold Rush. The city's population is more than 480,000 residents. It is located in Central Valley, where the Sacramento River meets the American River. The first European to discover this area was Gabriel Moraga, a Spanish explorer who traveled through the Central Valley at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Population: According to 2009 estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, California has nearly 37 million residents.

Driving: Driver's license information, applications, testing requirements, driver's manuals and testing locations can all be found on the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website.

Agriculture and Industry: California is an important part of U.S. agriculture, generating more farm income than any of the other U.S. states. Its unique climate allows local farmers to grow crops that aren't grown anywhere else in the nation. Important foods include grapes, almonds, walnuts, oranges, strawberries, avocados, lemons, lettuce and tomatoes. Of course, the famous film studios are another key industry, and so are the tourist revenues that they generate. There are also many factories in California; their output includes electrical equipment, computer machinery and processed foods. The state also has a large fishing industry (swordfish and tuna are the most valuable catches) and a strong mining industry.

State Bird: The state bird is the California Quail, which is also called the valley quail. It is a game bird known for its hardiness.

State Tree: The California redwood is the state tree. It is among the largest tree species in the world, and although it was once common throughout North America, it is now only found on the Pacific coast.

State Flower: The poppy is the state flower of California. It grows wild throughout the state, and Native Americans cherished it for its seeds and oil.

State Song: "I Love You, California" is the official state song. Its lyrics were written by a Los Angeles merchant named F. B. Silverwood. Its tune was written by Alfred Frankenstein, who was a former conductor of the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra.

    • Ghost towns left over from the Gold Rush and the Silver Rush still dot the hills and valleys of California. Bodie is the best-known Gold Rush ghost town, and Calico is the best-known Silver Rush ghost town.
    • In the 1920s, a movie producer took a few buffalo to Catalina Island in California for a film shoot. Two hundred of their descendents still roam the island.
    • Peacocks have right-of-way in any street or driveway in Arcadia, California.
    • Detonating a nuclear device within the city limits of Chico, California will earn you a $500 fine (and a world of trouble).
    • It is illegal to lick toads in Los Angeles.
    • 85 nations in the world are smaller than California.
Many celebrities have called California home. Famous natives have included astronaut Sally Ride, baseball stars Barry Bonds, Jackie Robinson and Joe DiMaggio, skateboarder Tony Hawk and authors John Steinbeck, Jack London and Amy Tan. And who could forget the entertainers? Movie makers Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have all called California home, and so have actors and actresses such as Shirley Temple, Mary Pickford, Clint Eastwood and Charlie Chaplin.
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