International Packing List

Congratulations on your exciting move abroad! This is no simple move that you are about to embark on, but one that will certainly be life-changing. There is much to do; starting with locating an international moving company, locating a storage facility, obtaining boxes and packing. is here to help with our international moving checklist to keep you focused and organized for your upcoming international move.

We know this is obvious, but still bears some repeating since certain countries will have different clothing requirements. Whether based on the weather of due to certain cultural norms. As you are learning about your new country, also make sure to research what the typical dress is as well as what the weather is. For example: if you are moving to Canada, you will likely have four seasons, depending on what province you are moving to. So, if you are moving in February, make sure that you pack a heavy jackets, gloves, long johns, hats, warm socks, etc. Same rings true, if you are moving to an international country with warmer temperatures – like Mexico – where you will need  lighter clothing like shorts and tank tops, and not as much (if any) winter clothing.

Wherever you live you will be accustomed to certain personal hygiene products and toiletries that may not exist in other countries or may cost significantly more than what you are used to paying. When moving abroad, make sure that you bring your favorite products such as face wash, deodorant, vitamins, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, soap, etc. We are sure that you will discover new products that will be your favorites, but in the beginning it's a good idea to bring products that your face and body are accustomed to. For medications such as prescription drugs and contacts, make sure that you have enough to get you through a few months, and research where you can obtain refills abroad.

Something Personal:
This big and exciting international move is all about starting fresh but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to miss your friends, family and old town. When moving abroad pack a few keepsakes and mementos from home such as photos, a scrapbook and even some of your favorite DVDs. For those that are packing a laptop, bringing personal items is even easier where you can load up tons of pictures, movies and music to make the transition a little easier. We also recommend bringing a small laptop computer so that you can use programs like Skype to see your family and talk from your new home.

Paperwork -- Passports, Visas, Birth Certificate, etc.
Don't leave home without your international paperwork such as passports, visas, birth certificates, id's, etc. These documents are vital to granting you admittance into your new country - or in some instances allowing you to get on the plane. Double check, no triple check before you leave your house on moving day that you have all the essential paperwork you need, as well as address of your new home, money (small amount) and emergency contact numbers.

Electronically Speaking:
Many international countries have different electrical outlets, so your computer and cell phone charger may not work abroad. As you are researching your new country, be sure to look into their outlets as well as where to obtain a converter. You should also check if you will receive service in your new country or if it's best to but a new phone abroad. Looking into this beforehand will enable you to know what you should or shouldn't pack.

The general rule when moving to a new country, it to pack less than a domestic move. Items like bulky kitchen appliances, antiques, fine china and tons of clothes and books will only weight down your international move (not to mention cost you). If you can't bear to part with some of your belongings, you can always place them in secure self storage facility or pass them along to friends and family members. The most important thing to remember with an international move is to research, plan and old mantra “less is more” when packing. An exciting experience awaits you, you don't want your stuff to weigh you down.