What are the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Abroad

Mistake #1
Not hiring a professional international moving company.
When moving internationally, your personal belongings will most likely be shipped by air and sometimes by boat. Since your belongings will endure a lot of traveling, it is wise to only use a professional and experienced mover that is specializes in international moves. Since you may have to discuss your move over the phone or via email, be sure that you ask your potential mover questions about their experience, insurance plans, DOT numbers, Better Business Bureau rating and services offered such as packing.

Mistake #2
Not getting staying on top of your moving checklist.
Staying organized is the name of the game with any more, but especially critical with international moving. Since you will have a lot to do, consider writing everything down and call it your moving day checklist. List everything from packing to locating storage to finding boxes - checking off these items as you complete your tasks. Sub-divide your list to include items that you will be packed with you such as your personal paperwork (passports, ids, etc), prescription medications and personal items for the plane (books, sweater, etc) to those items that you will have to place in storage or leave with a friend like antiques and jewelry.

Mistake #3
Not communicating.
When you move abroad, be sure to let your family and friends know where you are going and about the details of your move (time of flight, expected arrival, etc). Before you leave, send out a note or an email with your new contact information. If your phone doesn't work abroad, consider buying an international cell phone or a calling card to stay connected to friends and loved ones as well as the new friends you are likely to meet. Also, remember to have an emergency contact on you when traveling for your move as well as the information of our international mover.

Mistake #4
Don't cut it too close.
To be blunt; time is not always on your side when moving abroad. There is a lot to do so the best thing is to stay organized and follow your checklist. Make sure that you tackle finding movers, storage and packers (if you are hiring someone) early on. That way, you have plenty of time to deal with other moving-related issues - like obtaining boxes, packing and paperwork.

Mistake #5
Not researching your new country.
When moving abroad one of the biggest differences will be the culture shock. Even if you have traveled to your new country numerous times, living there and learning the new traditions is very different. Before you go, be sure to research your new country. Anything from its typical fare to the rules and regulations will all be new to you. In some instances, there might be rules as to what items are permitted into the country. Looking into this beforehand can prevent you from packing something that is not allowed in a country - like alcohol or perishables. Bringing certain items that are not permitted can delay your travel as well as cause your belongings to arrive much later than you anticipated. To learn more about the regulations in your destination country, check your international moving company and the U.S. Embassy in your new country.