Address:  212 Durham Ave., Suite 102, Metuchen, New Jersey, 08840

US DOT License - 2373664
MC License - 814557

Description:  There are many reasons why people may want to move to another city. For example, some are buying property and want to make a career, other people want to find the most comfortable climate, while others simply change everything to be with your loved one. Traditional Express Group knows that your time is valuable, so we have spend years perfecting our services. We understand that long moves are difficult, but our experts will guide you in the process. From packing boxes securely to loading the truck, your possessions will be safe in our care for the thousands of miles your journey may take. You can sleep easy knowing that nothing will happen in the time on the road. While you could move things yourself, with our company you can get this service with maximum speed and minimum hassle. We tell you in advance when the goods will arrive, as well as point out the route of the cargo. With road transport, you can get the items directly to the doorstep.