Address:  3838 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 1000, Dallas, Texas, 75219

US DOT License - 3163291
MC License - 00112743

Description:  We love to help people! That is our motivation in life. We charge competitive rates for the work that we do and then, once you agree to use us, we are driven by our commitment to excellence. We want to make you smile when people ask you about our service. Give us a call today, and together and discuss what you really want from your moving company. Once we understand your needs, then we can come up with a plan specific to your situation. If your new home isn’t ready at the same time as you leave your old one, we can also provide storage options until your new home is ready! Trust the professionals to look after everything you own in the right way. It will alleviate all of the stress and hassle. That is the difference you feel when you use LNL Movers for all of your moving needs.