Address:  7950 S. Military Trail, Suite 105, Lake Worth, Florida, 33463

US DOT License - 3355899
MC License - 1073309

Description:  Florida is an extraordinary state that experiences extremes when it comes to moving. Depending on where you are located within the state, you may be leaving the narrow roads of a bustling city or driving through one of the many pitch dark, secluded winding roads of the countryside. Whether relocating in soaring temperatures of the summertime or avoiding the wildlife as you cross the famous “Alligator Alley” in the south, driving a large box truck may prove to be more challenging than expected when moving out of Florida. Our expert truck drivers at J&H Transports can safely get your valuables wherever you are looking to go. We know Florida terrain, temperature, and topography better than any of our competitors and our service is second to none! Whether packing, loading, or driving, our team understands that items often move and shift within the truck while relocating. Because of this, we treat each and every service we provide as essential to the safety of your valuables.