Address:  2365 East 13 Street, #4N, Brooklyn, New York, 11229

US DOT License - 1278479
MC License - 468599

Description:  Active Moving is a company that specializes in numerous moving services available across the nation and here locally in NYC for residential and commercial customers. Located in Brooklyn, NY with four warehouses, everything is provided by us and does not involve third parties. Multiple trucks are always on the road all over the country, they belong to us and ready for work. Started in 2002 Active Moving company has successfully served thousands of homes and businesses nationwide. Ability to provide "all in one" packages like moving, hoisting or anything related, is one of the features that makes us stand out from the other companies. Active moving company can move pianos, large equipment, boxes, or anything else and guarantee to deliver in perfect condition. Our damage rate is almost nonexistent because of the way trucks are loaded before they go out on the road.