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FEDERAL AND STATE LICENSING AND INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS is focused on helping you – the moving consumer- feel more confident and informed as you make your decisions about the moving and relocation service providers that you will use for your next move. We spend a lot of time ensuring that all moving companies that are part of the Network have all necessary Federal and State licensing in place. Additionally, we review the moving company’s insurance documentation to verify compliance with applicable federal and state rules. These licensing and insurance requirements are important levels of protection for you as they are requirements for the transportation of any of your personal possessions whether it is within your current state or across state lines.

As much as we try at to always be on top of the information from our moving companies, it is possible that there can be a change in the status of a moving company’s licensing or insurance, which could put them out of compliance with a state or federal requirement. As a consumer resource to you, we have provided to you below, a current list of state and federal agencies that provide a public record of this licensing and insurance information on behalf of the general public.

Should you have any questions on any of the moving companies featured on, you should feel free to utilize the consumer resource below to obtain further information on your moving company. We would also encourage you to ask your moving company to provide you with current proof of valid licensing and insurance as part of our diligence process.

In order to search the database for moving companies that handle interstate moves, please visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the FMCSA (, Additionally, you can further information at, also provided by FMCSA.

At the state level, each state maintains its’ own requirements. We have listed some information and contact information for each state below.

If we can provide any further information, please feel free to email us with your questions.

State Type of State License Contact Info Additional Information Link to State Website
Alabama APSC# (334) 242-5180 Alabama Moving Companies are required to have an APSC # -. Check status on website. Visit Website
Alaska NONE (907) 341-3200 A Local License is not required in Alaska NONE
Arizona NONE (602) 712-8188 A Local License is not required in Arizona. Moving Companies declare Vehicle Gross weight to DOT. NONE
Arkansas NONE (501) 569-2271 Interstate authority - Bingo Stamp - No local license required. Check status on website. Visit Website
California CPUC# (800) 672-1415 Call to check status of California License. Visit Website
Colorado HHG# or PRC# (303) 894-2000 Colorado Movers need a Household Goods # and a Property Carrier #. Visit Website
Connecticut CPTC# (860) 594-3017 Connecticut Moving Companies must have a Connecticut Public Transportation Commission #. NONE
District of Columbia NONE (202) 442-4670 A Local License is not required in The District of Columbia NONE
Florida IM#, MV#, MR# (850) 410-3808 Florida Movers need IM #. Call or check website for status. Visit Website
Georgia GPSC# (404) 656-4501 Georgia Movers need GPSC #. Check status on website or call for more information. Visit Website
Hawaii PUC# (808) 586-2020 Hawaii Movers need PUC #. Call for more information. NONE
Idaho State Registration (208) 334-8000 Idaho Moving Companies are required to have a DOT and state registration. Call for more information. Visit Website
Illinois ILCC# (217) 782-6448 Illinois Movers need an Illinois Commerce Commission #. Call for more information or to check status. Visit Website
Indiana IHGC# (317) 615-7350 Indiana Movers Need IHGC# - Intrastate household goods Certificate #. Call to check status. NONE
Iowa IOWAMC# (515) 237-3264 Needs IOWAMC permit #. Call for more information. NONE
Kansas MCID # (785) 271-3150 Kansas Moving Companies need a Motor Carrier Identification #. Missouri Moving Companies are granted an exception to do local moves in the state of Kansas. NONE
Kentucky KIT#, KYU#, & IFTA# (502) 564-9540 Call for more information or status. NONE
Louisiana LPSC# (504) 342-4439 (888) 342-5717 Louisiana Moving Companies must obtain operating authority through a common carrier certificate or a contract carrier permit from the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Must also register and purchase an identification (bingo) stamp. Visit Website
Maine NONE (207) 624-9000 ext. 52127 A Local License is not required in Maine. NONE
Maryland NONE (410) 767-8000 A Local License is not required in Maryland. NONE
Massachusetts MDPU# (617) 305-3559 Check status on website. Visit Website
Michigan MPSC # (517) 241-6030 MPSC# - Michigan Public Service Commission. NONE
Minnesota MNDOT # (405) 651-6060 ext. 6070 Minnesota Moving Companies should have current MNDOT#. NONE
Mississippi MPSC# (601) 961-5439 (601) 961-5435 Mississippi Moving Companies are required to have a Mississippi Public Service Commission #. Please visit their website for further information. Visit Website
Missouri NONE (866) 831-6277 Missouri requires only a class B license. NONE
Montana PSC # (406) 444-6195 (406) 444-6198 Montana Moving Companies are required to have Public Service Commission #. NONE
Nebraska NONE (402) 471-3101 Need Approved Authority also need Form A - Household & Form H - Cargo, insurance. NONE
Nevada CPCN # (775) 688-2800 Nevada Moving Companies a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity #. NONE
New Hampshire NHPC# (603) 271-2447 New Hampshire Moving Companies are required to have NHPC #. NONE
New Jersey NJPC# or NJPM# (973) 504-6475 (973) 504-6512 Call for status. NONE
New Mexico PRC # (505) 827-4519 New Mexico Moving Companies must have a Public Regulatory Commission #. NONE
New York NYDOT# (800) 786-5368 (518) 457-6583 New York Moving Companies must have a NYDOT#. NONE
North Carolina NCUC-C# (919) 733-4036 North Carolina Moving Companies are required to have an Intrastate license #. NONE
North Dakota NONE (701) 328-2725 North Dakota Moving Companies need State #. NONE
Ohio PUCO# (614) 466-3392 Ohio Moving Companies will have information on file with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Call or visit website for more information. Visit Website
Oklahoma Intrastate License Pin # (405) 521-2965 Moving Companies in Oklahoma must have an Intrastate License Pin #. NONE
Oregon CAHG# (503) 378-4851 Moving Companies in Oregon must have a Certificate of Authorization movement of Household Goods. (CAHG #). Website provides status. Visit Website
Pennsylvania PUC# (717) 772-2254 Moving Company status is available through website link. Visit Website
Rhode Island NONE (401) 941-4500 ext. 154 No Local License is required in Rhode Island but Moving Company must have certification with Public Utilities and Carrier Office and have tariff on file. NONE
South Carolina SCP-SC# (803) 737-1755 Moving Company status is available through website. Visit Website
South Dakota NONE (605) 773-3201 (605) 773-5280 A specific local license if not required in South Dakota. Moving Companies must have their US DOT #. NONE
Tennessee NONE (615) 253-2293 Interstate authority - Bingo Stamp - No local license required. Call for status. NONE
Texas TEXDOT# (512) 936-7000 (800) 299-1700 Texas requires a TX Department of Transportation (TXDOT #) Visit Website
Utah NONE (801) 965-4205 A Local License is not required in Utah. NONE
Vermont NONE (802) 828-4480 A Local License is not required in Vermont. Visit Website
Virginia NONE (804) 367-0538 A Local License is not required in Virginia. NONE
Washington WTC# (360) 664-1222 Washington requires a Washington Transportation Commission #. NONE
West Virginia WVCPCN# (304) 340-0320 West Virginia requires a Certificate of Convenience & Necessity - Household Goods. Public Service Commission. Visit Website
Wisconsin LC# (608) 266-1356 Wisconsin requires a Local Cartage (LC #) NONE
Wyoming DOC# (307) 777-4850 Wyoming requires a DOC #. NONE
We appreciate you allowing to assist you with you move and hope that the above information was helpful to you.
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